Andy Thierfelder
Tapes From Beyond

Currently there's nothing like it in the medium that I'm aware of... I absolutely love how interwoven the music is into the story and how it really helps to set the tone, as well as give it a sense of identity.


W. Keith Tims
Book of Constellations, The First Episode Of

Here at the beginning, it feels like an epic in the making, embracing the fantastical elements of magic and dragons, but played with affection, kindness and wonder.

Beach at Sunset

Jeffy Denight
The Deck of Enby Things

Listened to the 1st two eps...

After the 1st, I had to immediately devour the 2nd. The fantastic world of this audiodrama is immersive, the characters are real. And it brings up deep questions like: Why am I not a bard w/ a dragon companion on the high seas?

Image by Nicolas Hoizey

Big fan of the music, the storytelling, the characters, the banter between Zel and Hanari...

I was so excited to listen to [Chapter 4: Galleon] that I dreamt about it, which was great, but not nearly as great as the real thing.

Anyway, 13/10 listen to Dragon Shanty. 

Ophiucus Radio

Birds by the Water

Anne Valentino
A Very Sweet Listener

Wonderful story and world, interesting characters, and I absolutely love the feel of this podcast - magical and explorative but also very real and emotional. So looking forward to more!

Nautical Rope

Benji Nason
A Very Sweet Listener

Color me impressed! So incredibly well written and acted. Really cemented the image of a bedtime story. I felt like I was in the room. 

Natural Silk

A Very Sweet Listener

Your songs remind me of both [SJ Tucker and Heather Dale]. I really like the show! Can't wait for more! 

"So fables have failed you,

and stories are stale,

and you can't ward off monsters

wielding just fairytales. 

You need stranger than fiction,

you need testimony.

So I'll tell you the tale of

what happened to me."