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Noelle Rose






Voice of Zellera

Outside of writing lyrical verses and veritable lyrics for Dragon Shanty, Noelle is a student of Child Psychology and pursuing a specialty in play therapy for children and adults. In her free time, she is either designing accessible therapeutic TTRPGs for her future practice, volunteering with the local schools, or advocating for policy change as a survivor of child marriage. Noelle is currently available for collaboration through music, voice acting, and writing and can be reached through Dragon Shanty, or

Laura Harmon




Voice of Hanari

Since they were a child, Laura has always been drawn to the arts, especially visual media like illustration and video game design. With a background in community development, as well as a strong personal sense of justice, Laura values the impact of storytelling on our society and uses their voice to elicit change and acceptance. They enjoy working as a baker on the Oregon Coast, and passionately advocate for their community and the integrity of the ocean they grew up by. In their free time, Laura can be found among the trees like an aspiring dryad, gardening, gaming, cooking, or reading Octavia Butler. 


Noelle and Laura met in 2018 and now live on the Oregon Coast with their dog, Pogo, who often inspires the written relationship between bards and dragons in Dragon Shanty.