• Dragon Shanty

Episode 4 Content Warnings

  • swearing

  • in-scene portrayal of a near death experience

  • fear of water and drowning, and thalassophobia

  • discussion and description of weapons, including a firearm

  • light gore

  • hunting

  • mentions of alcohol and drugs

  • mental illness and anxiety

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Zellera Ope, coming through, full kettle! Hanari [chair squeaks out of the way] Welcome back, dear! [sounds of kettle clanging onto stand, fire dulls] Zellera There we go. What did I miss? Hanari I wa

In-scene portrayal of a panic attack Mental illness Fear of water/ocean/drowning Misgendering and transphobia

Hanari Here’s your water, right here on the table. [pause] You’re very welcome! Always so polite! Zellera And such a good gardener. Have I mentioned how happy we are that you’re visiting? Hanari Not t